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It all takes just one pill

erection problems plagues the manhood for entire generations. In the last century it provoked a huge research to find the cause and the cure of this disease. One of the many solutions the modern science came up with was Viagra, with Sildenafil as the basic component of this miraculous invention. It only takes a 100mg pill a few minutes before the actual sexual intercourse and you can „go“ all night without fearing of utterly losing this battle. The men of slightly higher age should consider consuming only half a pill, meaning 50mg.

However, these pills are not for everyone

Preparation shouldn’t be used by patients who suffered or are suffering from heart attacks and other related problems with the heart, since the pill puts it under a big pressure. Patients with too low or too high blood pressure should also be aware together with those who suffer from allergic reactions to Sildenafil. You should also take great precautions when you are diagnosed with anginou pectoris and you should always consult your doctor about the usage of our products.